Nominations For 2023

While deciding on your nomination, keep your reasoning in mind; as you will need to provide justification for your selection. The more thorough the argument, the better. In doing so, you are helping paint a more vivid picture; one which celebrates the history and heritage of British sports cars and the people that made them legendary.

To make an additional nomination, or to vote for a current nominee, simply fill out the nominee form. Any duplicates will be counted as votes towards existing, currently nominated individuals.

Nomination and voting for the class of 2023 is now closed. Stay tuned for more updates.

Current Nominees Are:

Ken Smith
David Hobbs
Herman Van Den Akker
Burt Levy
Joe Richards
Mark Bradakis
Bruce Ibbotson

Roy Lunn
Ken Gillanders
Brian Fuerstenau
Brian Redman
Hardy Prentice
Syd Enever
Dave Headley

Catherine (Cat) Kizer
Joe Sheppard
Allen Bachelder
Chuck McGuire
Richard (Dick) Luening
Gary Watson
Paul Dierschow

General Curtis LeMay
Mike Rothchild
Steve Sargis
Lawrence ‘Bob’ Hagin
Norman Nock
Joe Huffaker Jr.

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  • Please explain your reasoning for your selection; the more thorough, the better.