Board of Director: John Twist

Smitten by an MG TD in 1965, I purchased my first MG, a 1953 MG TD, in 1968. I entered the trade in 1971, then worked in England at the largest MG dealership in the world, the original University Motors.  I ran my own University Motors in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from 1975 through 2016 and worked on MGs from nearly all fifty states, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Articles I have contributed to MG literature have been published in nearly all the national club magazines as well as Abingdon Classics, Classic MG Magazine, MG Magazine, MG Enthusiast Magazine, Moss Motoring, and others.  I am the former Technical Chairman of the American MGB Association and previous Tech Coordinator for the North American MGB Register.

Roles I have filled in MG organizations include founding chairman of the NAMGBR; co-founder of the local West Michigan Old Speckled Hen MG Car Club; and co-founder of the British Motor Trade Association. Our University Motors MG Summer Parties were some of the largest MG events in the world outside of England.  Three of them boasted 550 MGs on the field.

I have hosted technical seminars throughout the US as well as in the UK and offered rolling technical sessions at MG and British car shows throughout the country.  Three hundred YouTube videos produced in my shop have recorded nearly nine million views. During the pandemic, I have held Zoom sessions bi-weekly to provide a forum for MG owners and enthusiasts in the absence of club meetings and car shows. The Zoom sessions are typically attended by 200 or more participants.

It was my honor to be included in the first group of inductees to the British Sports Car Hall of Fame in 2017, and I appreciate the opportunity to now serve on its board of directors.