Board of Director: Jack Humphrey

I hail from the Great State of Nebraska and I am a retired career Army officer with over 30 years of service who has loved British cars and motorcycles since I was a young teenager. My first car at 15 years of age was a clapped out 1965 MGB that I loved dearly despite the leaky hood, rust holes in the footwells and the lack of heat during those cold Nebraska winters. By college I owned, in succession, two Jaguar E-Types. Then came my Army career, marriage, kids and the dreaded realization that 2 seated British sports cars were not the most practical conveyance for moving back and forth across the country. Familiar story, right?

While stationed in Germany in 1994, I picked up a 1986 American spec Jaguar XJ6 to be my daily driver and I loved that car so much that I brought it back to the US at my own expense and kept it nearly 27 years, having only recently moved it on to another caretaker. I also currently own a 2003 XK8 convertible and a 1954 Mk VIIM and I have previously owned a 1953 MG TD, a 2001 Triumph Bonneville America motorcycle and a third E-Type.

I’ve been associated with the Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA) on and off since 1977 when I bought my first E-Type. I am one of the original founding members of the Jaguar Club of Southern Colorado in 2007 and I served as Club President from 2012 – 2013. Prior to that, I was briefly a member of the Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club in the late 1970’s and the Jaguar Owners Club of Oregon in 1997-1998. I was also a JCNA Region Director from 2014 – 2018 and the President from 2017 through 2018.